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Brand: Cera Model: S1051103 S Trap
SpecificationsFloor mounting EWCsEWC S Concealed540 x 390 x 400 mm..
Ex Tax:₹3,390
Brand: Cera Model: S1053121 S
 Floor mounting EWCsSquare EWC510 x 335 x 395 mm..
Ex Tax:₹2,795
Brand: Cera Model: S3030102
 SpecificationsSquatting pansCello PanNew Cat No:S3030102500 x 400 mmOld Cat No: 2873..
Ex Tax:₹2,450
Brand: Cera Model: S1059101 S Trap
 SpecificationsFloor mounting EWCsEWC with combo pack520 x 360 x 390 mmCat No: S1059101 S TrapB1020106 Compass Twin Flush CisternB1510121 Cajol Seat CoverAlso available with: Cat. No. S1059102 P Trap..
Ex Tax:₹3,700
Brand: Cera Model: Cat. No. S1043140
 SpecificationsWall hung EWCs495 x 340 x 335 mmWall hung EWC P withslim seat cover..
Ex Tax:₹6,300
Brand: Cera Model: S3010105
 SpecificationsSquatting pansOrissa Pan (OR)New Cat No: S3010105510 x 400 mmOld Cat No:2877..
Ex Tax:₹1,730
Brand: Cera Model: S3010103
 SpecificationsSquatting pansOrissa Pan (OR)New Cat No:S3010103510 x 400 mmOld Cat No:2874..
Ex Tax:₹1,730
Brand: Cera Model: F1012201
CERA BIM Products - F1012201 Perla Angle Cock..
₹1,488 ₹1,860
Ex Tax:₹1,488
Brand: Cera Model: F1012661
CERA BIM Products - F1012661 Perla Bath Tub Spout..
₹1,772 ₹2,215
Ex Tax:₹1,772
Brand: Cera Model: F1012151
CERA BIM Products - F1012151 Perla Bib Cock..
₹1,960 ₹2,450
Ex Tax:₹1,960
Brand: Cera Model: BIM Products Pillar Cock with Aerator
CERA BIM Products - F1012101 Perla Pillar Cock..
Ex Tax:₹2,180
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