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Ramco Tile Fix - T2

Ramco Tile Fix - T2
Ramco Tile Fix - T2

Ramco Dry Mix Division manufactures pre mixed dry mortars viz. plasters, wall putty and tile adhesive. These premixed dry mortars are manufactured under controlled conditions of selection and blending to suit specific application needs and has numerous advantages over jobsite mixes.


  • Ease of Application
  • Better water retention
  • Cohesive Mix
  • Improved Adhesion
  • Better Strength

Dry Mix Range of Products – for Non Structural Applications:

Ramco Super Plaster:
This Plaster is a cement-lime modified premixed dry mortar with sand and additives for internal and external applications. It is a hassle-free alternative to conventional site mixed plaster.

Variants of Ramco Super Plaster are:

General Purpose Plaster:
Premixed mortar for all types of plastering applications
Water Repellant Plaster:
Premixed mortar with water repellant property for external applications
Brick /Block Mortar:
Premixed Mortar for brick/block laying.

Ramco Super Fine Cement-based Putty:
Ramco Super Fine is a perfect match for walls and a better alternative to gypsum or acrylic putty.

Ramco Super Fine Cement-based Putty:
Ramco Tile Fix is a specially-formulated engineered tile adhesive. It is a polymer modified, cement-based and ready-to-use tile adhesive. It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to fix tiles and it protects the tiles and ensures a long life for floor surfaces.A wide range is available ranging from T1 to T6 depending on application and the required bond strength.

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